Little Red Door

60 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris, France

A cocktail bar this overwrought, staffed by enthusiastic cocktail makers, can often drive one insane. But this intimate place takes its craft so seriously that it ends up feeling truly honest, and it turns out the staff, while dedicated, are full of lightheartedness. The conversation is good, the cocktails are quite refreshing.

Each year (!) they switch their cocktail list. It's printed in a hardbound book, with each spread featuring an illustration that embodies the cocktail, and a little red door that opens to reveal the cocktail description. Seriously. The cocktails are a bit absurd, a bit pricey, but delicious. I had a martini with something savory, and a large caper berry as garnish. The cocktails, this year, were all based on universal human themes.

And yes, you enter the establishment through a Little Red Door.


Grand Pigalle Hôtel