24 Boulevard du Temple, 75011 Paris, France

We went here on a special night with guest chefs from Martin Mazzo in Rome, so it may have been particularly crowded and wonderful, but from what is sure seemed like it was the place to be. It’s set on a busy street, which feels unusual for an intimate sidewalk-open bar, but the sidewalk is wide and the busy street adds to the ambience and urgency of sitting there. Visit the bar all the way inside, slide in the “inbetween space” (where we sat, particularly intense), or on the patio. Or, as young Parisians seem wont to do, grab a glass and stand on the sidewalk. The guest chef team’s food was wonderful, the staff kind if a bit harried by the chaos of the evening, and, of course, Paris was Paris. However you approach it, this special place will charm and satisfy.

Yard Bistro

Le Servan