Grand Pigalle Hôtel

29 Rue Victor Massé, 75009 Paris, France

It's billed as a "place of artists", and is clearly trying to capture the possible resurgence of the Pigalle neighborhood, taking it back from the gawking tourists at the Moulin Rouge. And maybe that's so, but at it's heart it is a deeply comfortable, well maintained, well designed hotel with a friendly bar and interesting location. The rooms are small but close to perfect, and the pre-bottled negroni and gin martini definitely helped.

Sure, it's a bit of a hike over to the Marais, but it's nice to be in a new corner of town. It overlooks a locals pizza/beer/hangout spot (look for fights on the weekend!), which gives the evenings and late nights a Paris ambience that is a bit different (be prepared if you're a light sleeper). There's good food in the area, and it's still fun to go walk past the Moulin Rouge and sex shops, and explore the still strange neighborhood.

Little Red Door

Kolokotroni 59